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Conceptualisation, design and development of the partner site to CBeebies monster smash hit show ‘Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures’

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Worked directly with the project manager and product owner to deliver an achievable product schedule adopting agile methodologies to ensure 100% clarity of progress during the production process

Held ’Dinosaur Days’ in house for children and parents to preview episodes of the TV show to gain invaluable insight into the audiences expectations for the online experience

Established and developed the concept and managed the creative roadmap and delivery of the product – a platform agnostic, 40+ environment, HTML5 dinosaur adventure game. A first for CBeebies

Collaborated with the BBC Natural History Unit to acquire 3D dinosaur models for use in game

Managed the team in the conversion of the models to lower poly count assets prior to animation on a 2.5D plane

Directed and worked on the generation of 40+ environmental backgrounds featured in game

Developed and directed the creation of the entire UI/UX in game

Developed three mini games to be integrated in game

Managed the development of animating assets negating the use of sprites sheets, reducing overall file size by 90%

On launch the game smashed the BBC’s unique DAU record and continues to be a monster hit with dinosaur fans