We are Bionic


The design and development of ‘LicensingSource.net’ the licensing industry’s daily updated news hub.


Commissioned to assist Max Publishing (the industries leading publisher and awards organisers) to help them bring their well respected publications into the digital space.

Max Publishing wanted to create a go to news hub which would be constantly updated with news and information for the global licensing community of rights wears, producers, broadcasters, licensees and retailers. As well as delivering news the site was also required to generate income from launch by way of advertising.

The project kicked off with a series of workshops designed to establish a complete understanding of the expectations of the client, the end user and the internal teams (who would manage the site post launch). Adopted scrum methodologies throughout the project lifecycle which gave the client complete transparency of progress during the creative and development process whilst ensuring the studio remained assured of progress and velocity throughout the schedule.

With a site feature list established the project moved on to creating interactive wire frames which were shared with the stakeholders to accurately illustrate anticipated end user experience and behaviour within the site. To further reinforce the expected UX ‘Silverback’ – the usability app was integrated into production to analyse end user interaction within the site.

The client required the site to generate revenue from launch and to fulfil this requirement a simple-to-use ad portal was integrated into the back end of the site which would automatically pull ads into the site and into the daily HTML mails distributed to the sites readers.

Max Publishing’s remaining portfolio of publications are due to roll out online and by implementing a ‘build once/deploy many’ approach to the initial launch of LicensingSource.net effort, cost and time will have been minimised.