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The design and build of an integrated HTML5 games engine and the creation of 5 HTML5 games


During the collaboration with Channel 5 to deliver the creative digital vision for milkshake.tv we were invited to share thoughts on creating a solution to provide producers the means to create their own interactive content for show pages within the Milkshake web site. Our proposal was to create a simple to use, drag and drop (using static assets from brand style guides) game engine loaded with a library of 5 pre school focused games.

As ever the project began by leading a series of workshops with parents and children gaining insight into preschooler motor skills and abilities whilst learning the type of games they would like to play. A key learning from these workshops was how much children liked some of the games their parents played on their phones and the creative roadmap was therefore set to build preschool friendly versions of grownup games. Varying ability based level ramps were integrated into the engine allowing games designed to recognise and accommodate the abilities of the lower and upper ends of the audience age groups. As soon as the creative development process began rapid prototyping using ‘Silverback’ – the usability app to analyse audience behaviour during the design were integrated which minimised the risk of developer time wastage within the production schedule.

The results can be found with the Milkshake! site with multiple versions of each game able to play and positive feedback from both client and audience. Go play – the games are just as much fun for grownups!