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The design and build of a Tree fu Tom HTML5 game to support overseas broadcasters


Designed and developed a collection of a ’plug-in-and-play’ HTML5 games and activities for use by international broadcast partners for Tree Fu Tom.

We created a simple infinite vertical scrolling game which challenged the player to take control of Tom as he runs continuously across screen along a log. As Tom reaches the end of the screen he automatically turns around to run towards the other side of the screen. Players take control of Tom deciding when he should leap up onto the logs above him whilst avoiding bumping into the rest of the cast from the show.

Workshop sessions to play test rapidly developed low fidelity prototypes were held with the target audience to ensure content was optimised in consideration of preschoolers varied motor skills abilities. The results from the workshops helped create a game with the simplest of control mechanics – tap to make Tom perform a small leap over approaching characters or to make Tom leap up onto another log the player would hold their finger on screen.

Not knowing which territories were to use the game on their digital platform and to reduce effort and costs for the client all translation requirements were removed by creating copy free content replacing it with audience appropriate play based tutorials within the activity. We also developed an optimised alternative to standard HTML5 sprite sheet animation which reduced overall file size with the saving then being transferred in game extending the end user experience.

The content has proved to be an enormous success with Tree Fu Tom fans with the game continuing to be accessed globally by above target MAU’s.