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Delivered the architectural roadmap and UX/UI design for (London based startup) HubBox’s consumer facing app

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HubBox allows customers to shop online and have everything delivered to one convenient location, to collect at their leisure.  We were invited to deliver the architectural roadmap and UX/UI design for HubBox’s consumer facing app. The app interface was required to ensure users receive immediate notifications when their parcels are ready for collection and ensured their HubBox account details are always at hand.

Working directly with HubBox the project began with a kick off meeting with the stakeholders and dev team to ensure all goals and targets of the client were documented and agreed. Interactive wire frames using Balsamiq Mockups were then created to review proposed UI and determine the very best, intuitive UX.

On sign off the project swiftly moved to front end design with a style sheet of app elements created. On sign off of the style sheet full screen designs across the app concluded the project.

The entire design process was completed within three (1 week ) sprits adopting Scrum/Agile methodologies.